Logos Theater


This past week I attended a Drama Camp held for the Upstate Homeschool Co-op students by the Logos Theater. We put on a performance titled Hero.

Quick Summary: Hero is about a group of kids in the year 2037 who go back in time to the Bible story of Shadrack, Mieshack, and Abendigo and discover who their true hero is: God.

I was cast as a Babylonian Captive and had an awesome time acting out this part. I am first seen in The Captive Scene as a Jewish girl being taken from my homeland, Judea, to be a slave in Babylon. In the next scene, The Feasting Scene, I have become a Pagan wine barrier. Skip one scene and you can find me in the Furnace scene. Here I am transferred into a Christian.

The Captives
My little group is in the background on the right side of this picture. I am in the middle of the three.

During Saturday’s performance, a friend asked my dad who I was playing. He answered, “She’s a Babylonian, Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Captive.” 😂

Despite all the prayers prayed before and during Friday’s performance, it was really bad. If you do not agree with that then let’s say we could have done a whole lot better. I am not even going to start to list all the mistakes made. Thankfully Saturday’s performance was a lot better and had barely any mistakes.

Being an actor at the Logos Theater is a wonderful experience and I can not wait for next year’s drama camp.

To view pictures of both performances click here: http://travisrunion.smugmug.com/School/HERO/

If you would like to purchase a DVD copy of Hero click here: http://academyofarts1.mybigcommerce.com/hero/


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