My Sister

Stop It!

Ansa has this habit of waking up in the middle of the night, doing something weird, falling back asleep, and waking up the next day not remembering anything. One of these times, my Dad was the witness.

He was asleep in his bed when his blanket began to slide off of him. Half asleep, he pulled it back. Again it began to slide off, and again he yanked it back.

“Stop it!” He heard a voice say. It was Ansa. She was laying on the floor at the end of the bed trying to roll up in the blanket.

Dad went to the bathroom and when he came back Ansa was gone, along with the blanket. He went to the room Ansa shares with Haydn and found her in her bed and his blanket on the floor. Chuckling, Dad retrieved his blanket and went to bed.

In the morning he told us all the story and, of course, Ansa did not remember anything.


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