Me, Myself, and I

Family Fun Day 2007

Tristen-FamilyFunDay-07I remember daydreaming as I stared at the ceiling. That’s what I’m doing in this photo, although I don’t remember what I was thinking about. A friend walking by and saw me posed like this so he took a photo and sent it to my dad.

It was hot that day. Our old church, Sovereign Grace, had a Family Fun Day every year. Families from the church would gather at a certain spot and have fun. This was Family Fun Day 2007. If we held it in the summer, I would have been six years old in this photo. Wow. How time flies. This was the year I met my friend Tia.

We were shopping at Costco and kept running into each other. After bumping into them for about 100th time, we introduced ourselves. Before parting, I asked mom, and she invited Tia and her family to Family Fun Day. They said they could come and when they arrived I ran up to her and we had loads of fun. Of course, all fun has to end sometime, and we parted. I haven’t seen her since.

I wish we still had a Family Fun Day, although we don’t attend Sovereign Grace anymore, we go to Fellowship Greenville. A much, much larger church. Well, those were the good old days. Stuffed full of laughter and play. How I miss them.


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