I can not Believe I Just did that


One day we were traveling on the highway and Ansa, as always, really had to go. Since we were no where near an exit Mom told her to just pea in an empty plastic cup. So she unbuckled and awkwardly did just that.

That evening four of us were upstairs walking something when Mom came in with a disgusted look on her face. “What happened?” We asked.

She explained that she was cleaning out the Van and found some left over Mountain Dew. Mom said she took a quick sip and then spit it out realizing that it was Ansa’s pea. We all grossed out for a few seconds and then started laughing.


About Tristen Thomas

Tristen is a talkitive fourteen year old girl who loves to sing, act, and enjoys doing crafts. She can write decent stories and take good photos but can not dance. She is the oldest child of Rick and Lucia Thomas and has two younger siblings, Haydn and Ansa. Tristen created this site to share life's wonderful moments with the world.

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