My Room

My Room

In this post, I shall give you a photo tour of my room with photos that I took a couple months ago. Although this is not how my room looks presently, I shall show you it with these photos and then try to give you an updated look in a future post.

My Door

My Room
This is a quick overlook of my room. Again, this is not how it presently looks.
My Bed
My bed
My Desk
My desk, it was rather stuffed full of stuff then. It’s much cleaner now.
My Nature Tank
My Nature Tank is where I grew corn, wheat, ferns, an oak tree, moss, etc.
My Closet
At that time my cousins were over so my sister and I made what we called the Relaxation Station in my closet so that she and Madelene, along with our neighbor Lauren, could hang out.

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