Peru, South America

Group Photo Peru M & MKsIn January of 2014, my Dad planned to go to Peru, South America to teach a group of missionaries who had gathered in the jungles of Pucallpa for their annual reunion in a camp-like place called Mission T.E.C (Teaching Every Child). Not wanted to go on this trip alone, and sticking to his rule that we do everything as a family, Dad asked the owners of T.E.C if all of us could come. After thinking it over they said yes.

Us kids liked the idea of an adventure, we were just nervous that one of the six planes we had to take to get there and back would wreck and purely hated the fact that we had to get two shots each to go. Despite that, on the 17th of January, we headed to the Greenville airport at 4:00 AM.

That day we took two flights: Greenville, SC to Newark, NJ and Newark, NJ to Lima, Peru. We spent the night in Lima and explored the city the next day. One more night was spent in Lima and then Sunday morning we got up 5:00 AM. and took a flight across the Andes Mountains to Pucallpa.

We arrived around 11:00 a.m. and the missionary families were just starting to come back from Church. The rest of the day was spent swimming, unpacking, and settling in. For the rest of the week Dad taught the parents, Mom listened to him, and the kids swam in the river and did a couple other activities. All too soon our week was over. I knew that the Missionaries enjoyed us being there because they invited us back before we left.


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