Extended Family

Family Reunion 2013

For one week in August of 2013, my mom’s side of the family gathered in Greenville to celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday. Just so you know who is who, here is the Chapman family tree:

Fred & Pat

*had four girls

Sherrie – Katherine – Lucia – Christina

*they got married

Clay & Katherine – Tony & Sherrie – Rick & Lucia – John & Christina

*they had kids

Tony & Sherrie: Michel, Leighanna, and Brendon Water

Clay & Katherine: Ben, Abby, Rachel, Caroline, Hannah, Madeline, and Emira Colbert

Rick & Lucia: Tristen, Haydn, and Ansa Thomas

John & Christina: John & Joel (twins) Heffernan

The Colbert family came from Arkansas and the Heffernans came from Oklahoma but the rest of the family already lived here. It had been awhile since we were all together, so this reunion was pretty cool.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Colbert family and some of our other friends gathered at my family’s house to watch us burn our 2012 Christmas tree.

Caroline has super long hair. Around 2013, we were kind of in a “who has the longest hair” competition. She was always in the lead. All of the Colbert girls have really long hair. Even Madeline’s hair is longer than mine! All in all, it is pretty cool to have a cousin who is basically modern day Rapunzel.

While we waited for the boys to finish stuffing the tree full of explosives, the girls (Madeline, Ansa, and I) went to my room for a makeover. Afterwards, they had fun dressing up.

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Once the tree had been laced with all kinds of fireworks, everyone gathered outside to watch the explosion.

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After the tree had been demolished, and all the guests had, left the girls retired to my room because Maddie was going to sleep over. After getting settled in, I grabbed my camera and took a couple photos of the two seven-year-old cousins.

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