Family Reunion 2013

In August of 2013 every member on my mom’s side of the family came to Greenville to celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday. Just so you know who is who, here is a quick Chapman family tree:

Fred and Pat Chapman

(Had four girls.)

Katherine – Sherrie – Lucia – Christina

(They got married.)

Clay & Katherine – Tony & Sherrie – Rick & Lucia – John & Christina

(They had kids.)

Clay & Katherine – Ben, Abby, Rachel, Caroline, Hannah, Madeline, and Emira Colbert
Tony & Sherrie – Michel, Leighanna, and Brendon Water
Rick & Lucia – Tristen, Haydn, and Ansa Thomas
John & Christina – John & Joel (Twins) Heffernan

The Colberts came Arkansas, the Heffernans came from Oklahoma, and the rest of the family already lived here. It was awesome having everyone together, for it had been awhile since we were all here at once. The Heffernans usually come for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but never both. The Colberts rarely get free from whatever they do and when they do they come for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

This post was just a quick summery of the reunion. To find more posts on the reunion look to the right of your screen and scroll down. Under the word Categories you can find a category titled Family Reunion 2013.


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