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A Nature Royalty Makeover

Today our friends the Litkes, and our neighbors Lauren, Logan, Josh, and Ethan, came over to our house for a playdate. The girls went to my room where we began a Nature Royalty makeover.

Nature Royalty is a game I invented. I also wrote a book about it. In the game I am Queen Sunflower, Queen of all nature. I adopted four daughters and appointed them each their own season to rule over:

  • Ansa – Princess Forget Me Not – Princess of Spring
  • Lauren – Princess Rose – Princess of Summer
  • Abby – Princess Daisy – Princess of Fall
  • Katie – Princess Bluebell – Princess of Winter

Here are some of the pictures I took before the makeover:

Princess Forget Me Not
Princess Forget Me Not
Lauren BM
Princess Rose


Abby BM
Princess Daisy
Katie BM
Princess Blue Bell

Here are some pictures I took after the makeover:

Ansa AM Ansa AM Close Up


Lauren AM Lauren AM Close Up

Abby AM Abby AM Close Up 2

Katie AM Katie AM Close Up

They turned out better then I expected. Katie’s was my favorite. I did them youngest to oldest so by the time I got to Ansa everyone’s patience had been spent so I just did something simple. Comment below to tell me what your favorite makeover is!


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