Johnson Visit January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It was the day I saw some lifelong friends of mine for the first time in two years. Kyler and Hanna, the eldest Johnson kids, had a ballet recital in town so, naturally, the opportunity to visit was snatched up like a bar of gold. While the oldest performed, the younger three (Ellie, Simon, and Isaac) hung-out with my siblings and I at my house. Several hours later, the two parties met up for lunch at the Chick-fil-A on Pelham.

Lunch was a humorous event. “That’s used for french fries,” Kyler told Isaac who was holding an upturned salt shaker over his ice cream. 😂 😂 Overjoyed to be in one another’s company again, Ellie and I could not cease exchanging hugs. I, of course, took lots of pictures and each time Simon was featured in one he never failed to ask if he was smiling.

All too soon it was announced that they had better be going on their way. We exited the building and crossed the parking lot as slow as possible while soaking up every last laugh and carefully tucking away every last memory. Once loaded up for the two-hour trip back to their home in Tennesse, we stalled as long as the adults would permit before we reluctantly issued our final goodbyes. Until next time, my friends.


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