Dad’s Birthday (2014)


Yesterday, May 5th, was my Dad’s 55th birthday. After a small party in the morning we went to Southern Om so Dad and Mom could do yoga while my siblings and I sat in the lobby. An hour later we began our annual birthday food adventure. This is how it works:

  • Mom collects a bunch of coupons from restaurants around town
  • A few days before, during, and after the person’s birthday we go to those restaurants and collect a bunch of free food

We don’t always use all the coupons and usually end up stuffed. When we arrived home around 6:30 Dad let us run around until dark. He said he had an amazing birthday and I was glad we could celebrate with him. Happy Birthday Dad!


About Tristen Thomas

Tristen is a talkitive fourteen year old girl who loves to sing, act, and enjoys doing crafts. She can write decent stories and take good photos but can not dance. She is the oldest child of Rick and Lucia Thomas and has two younger siblings, Haydn and Ansa. Tristen created this site to share life's wonderful moments with the world.

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