The Basement Village

Our basement once contained a makeshift village that my siblings, neighbors, and I built. We each had our own home which we constructed out of whatever we found under the house, such as netting, fencing, and planting supplies. Everyone really enjoyed it and loved keeping their homes neat and tidy, as long as I was there to do it for them. 😂 😂

One day Dad came down and found that he did not like how everything was all over the place to section off little rooms, so he had us take it all down and put it neatly away. We were entirely desolate but did as we were told.

Today the basement is known as “The Thomas Clubhouse” and is a place where we go to hang out when it is raining or too hot/cold outside. A couple times, when we have been down there, someone will ask me if they can make their own room. I am happy they remember the village that once was, but tell them no.

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