5 Steps to Start a Business


Yesterday I asked Josh for some advice on my what my prices should be for my new fashion business. After advising me on what my prices should be he gave me 5 useful tips which reminded me of something my pastor has been speaking about for about the last two weeks.

Pastor Charlie has been bringing it to our attention that there are millions of web pages on Google titled 5 Steps To whatever you can think of. I looked down at the notes I had taken:

  •  Choose a Title
  • Decide Prices
  • Decide Product List
  • Spread the Word (Blog! Add e-mail!)
  • Gather Money and Buy New Supplies

“5 steps to start a business.” I laughed. I wondered what Mr. Charlie will say when he sees this. 🙂

Again, if have anything you would like advice on, please comment down below and I will ask Josh.


About Tristen Thomas

Tristen is a talkitive fourteen year old girl who loves to sing, act, and enjoys doing crafts. She can write decent stories and take good photos but can not dance. She is the oldest child of Rick and Lucia Thomas and has two younger siblings, Haydn and Ansa. Tristen created this site to share life's wonderful moments with the world.

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