U Fashions


Last week I bought The Fashion Tween Creativity Book from Lowes and through all the awesome activities I became inspired to create my own fashion store. The first title that came to my mind was U Fashions, although one of my neighbors said it should be Your Fashions if I want the name to tell the customers that they fashion and I make. I’m still calling it U Fashions, but am planning to change the name to which ever name gets the most votes. Here is a poll so that you can vote to: (If you would like me to add your title idea into the answers comment down below.)

At U Fashions I make clothes that you can try on to find some that fit, or I can your measurements and make an outfit specifically for you. In addition to that I’m going to make costumes and accessories, and am completely open to special orders such as pillows or cloth napkins. If you buy something from U fashions, and it rips, you can back anytime for free mends. (Although I might make mends 50¢ if I get a lot of business.) I can also embroider my products to personalize them or I can embroider an article of your clothing. In addition to all that I am going to make membership cards that you can buy and any other product you buy after that will be 1/2 off. Please note: I am not a professional seamstress. Although Mom said I can take lessons from a friend to improve my skills.

When I told my younger neighbors about U Fashions they said they wanted me to make them something, and that they would pay. I believe it’s a good sign when you sell some of your products before your store has a chosen name and prices. Yesterday I chose my official prices and shall post them below once I have Josh examine them. Josh is basically my advisor, if they still have those these days. I will post more articles featuring finished U Fashions products. Please comment below with any ideas, warnings, or tips!


About Tristen Thomas

Tristen is a talkitive fourteen year old girl who loves to sing, act, and enjoys doing crafts. She can write decent stories and take good photos but can not dance. She is the oldest child of Rick and Lucia Thomas and has two younger siblings, Haydn and Ansa. Tristen created this site to share life's wonderful moments with the world.

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