Thomas Theater

Frozen – Girl Stlye

During the school I took the script of Disney’s Frozen and adapted it for the stage while at the same time cutting parts out to make it easier for younger kids to do. At the start of Summer the kids in my small group began to rehearsal. After only a couple weeks of rehearsal the boys quit. I was disappointed, but did not want them in the play if they did not want to be in it. So my cast is down to six girls, what am I going do? That was when Frozen – Girl Style was born.

Hannah, Sydney, and I worked together and in a couple minutes we had adjusted our plans so that we could move on without the boys. That week I went over the script again and changed all the boy characters to girls. Hans was turned into Haley and Kristoff was transformed into Kaley. We made Kaley and Haley twins. Kaley is four minutes older then Haley, which makes Haley the 13th of twelve girls. During childhood Kaley was annoyed by Haley and shut her out for two years. Then she ran away and became a mountain woman. When Haley meets Anna she plans to become best friends with her and then when everyone knows that their best friends, Haley plans to kill Anna and Elsa, making her the ruler. On the other hand, Kaley just wants to be Anna’s friend. Here is the new cast:

  • Elsa – Hannah Suber
  • Anna 5 – Skyline Amos
  • Anna 9 – Sienna Amos
  • Anna 15 – Tristen Thomas
  • Anna 18 – Tristen Thomas
  • Haley – Sydney Amos
  • Kaley – Sydney Amos
  • Olivia – Sienna Amos
  • Sven – Gabby (Dog)
  • Kylie – Sydney Amos
  • Emma – Hannah Suber
  • Olive – Hannah Suber
  • Bulda – Sienna Amos
  • British Duchess – Sienna Amos
  • Plate Carriers – Sienna Amos & Ansa Thomas
  • Volunteers – Sienna Amos & Ansa Thomas

I am very excited that rehearsal is under way again and plan to perform Frozen – Girl Style around the end of summer.


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