One Fashion


I looked up U Fashions on Google and found that there is already a store with that name. So I searched One Fashion and found no store with that name. So my fashion is store shall from now on be known as One Fashion. (Unless of course, I find another store named One Fashion.)

One Fashion is now selling membership cards that you can buy for fifty cents. Show this card when you make any future purchase and it will automatically become 1/2 off. Speaking of products, here is my product list:

  • Dress – $10.00
  • Skirt – $5.00
  • Mini Skirt – $2.00
  • Cape – $1.00
  • Headpiece  – $0.50
  • Sweater – $5.00
  • Purse – $0.50
  • Slippers – $5.00
  • Vest – $5.00
  • Mermaid Tail – $10.00
  • Pants – $5.00
  • Scarf – $2.00
  • Headband – $0.50
  • Tops – $5.00
  • Shorts  – $5.00
  • Costumes – $10.00
  • Membership Cards – $0.50

Also, if I do not have to buy cloth or hem the product, the price will lower. Never will the price be raised higher then it was listed as above. If you would like to order something from One Fashion please comment below and we can further discuss business via email.


About Tristen Thomas

Tristen is a talkitive fourteen year old girl who loves to sing, act, and enjoys doing crafts. She can write decent stories and take good photos but can not dance. She is the oldest child of Rick and Lucia Thomas and has two younger siblings, Haydn and Ansa. Tristen created this site to share life's wonderful moments with the world.

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