Extended Family

A Day with John and Joel

For about a week in June of 2014, my cousins John and Joel came east from Oklahoma. One of the days that they were in town was spent with us. My cousins came over to our house where we played for about an hour, and then we went to the pool along with our other cousin Brendan and two of our neighbors, Josh and Ethan.

During the time that we were playing at my house, John and Joel had each taken a Nerf sword from Haydn and Ansa’s room and found great joy in slicing away at people’s legs. It started out when John hit Ansa’s legs and she fell to the floor, playing dead. He started laughing and Joel said, “No, John! Let me do it!” 😂 😂 They kept “killing” Ansa and then did so to everyone else as they came in. I quickly discovered that the only way to get them to stop hitting you was to fall down and play dead. Although though their whacks would sometimes hurt, there was lots of laughter.

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When the twins proved to be unstoppable, the boys fled to the front yard and flew up the tree. John and Joel ran around it trying to get them but were unsuccessful.

I was in the driveway taking pictures when I noticed John standing by our front bushes rubbing his cheek and whimpering. I went over to him and picked him up. I tried to calm him down and asked what was wrong, but wouldn’t talk. Then a thought came to me: “Did you get stung by a bumblebee?” I asked. He nodded. I took him inside.

As I carried him upstairs he said, “I got stung by a bunglebee.” I giggled at his mispronunciation of the word. I carried the wounded soldier to Dad and informed him of the situation, asking what we could do to help it. Dad said to put mustard over the sting, so I set John on Dad’s bed and dashed off to my room. I returned with a packet of Mustard and spread it over John’s sting before I carrying him downstairs. Once hearing about John’s “bunglebee” sting, everyone stopped fighting. With all the attention on him, John squirmed to be put down, and I complied. A few minutes later he said he felt fine.

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