When Your Neighbor Cuts Up Her Costumes

Recently my neighbor Lauren had a sudden urge to be a seamstress. To satisfy her craving, she pulled out several of her costumes and removed their seams. Lauren had originally planned to re-attach the pieces but deserted the task once it was half-done. When cleaning up her house (what I do when we have play-dates), I came upon a few surviving scraps which I inquired about and then offered to reassemble them myself. Lauren not only agreed but gave me the cloth, so I adopted her project.

The task I signed up for proved impossible when I realized that not all the pieces to the original costumes still existed. I improvised by creating two “pop star” costumes. The first, the pink one, was created from remnants of the skirt from a Sleeping Beauty costume and the second, the yellow one, was originally the bottom of a Snow White costume. Creating these two outfits got me on a roll, so I pulled out my own cloth and made a Rosetta costume from scratch. Although you can not tell in the picture below, this costume is made up of two pieces: a halter top and a skirt.

Even though the costumes are not professional quality, I was excited to welcome these outfits to our dress up collection. Maybe, with a little more practice, my seamstress skills will improve. Then I could create whatever costume my heart desired!


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