Look Up Lodge

Look Up Lodge – Day 1

Despite how little I slept the night before, I was up bright and early Wednesday morning. Since Mom and Dad were to be counselors we were requested to arrive on sight early: 12:00 o’clock. The other campers were not supposed to arrive until about 2:15. Despite a 30 minute drive, we arrived according to schedule.

We had Room 8 this year, which I believe is the same room I had in 2011. Mom, Ansa, and I unpacked, walked around, received our team bands (we were on the black team.), and tidied up our room. Then the girls who would later become known as our Room 8 roommates, began to arrive.

We spent about two hours at the ball courts, at least everyone but us. The Room 8 Roommates were very hot so we went back to our room and hung out there. When everyone else returned we split up into four different color groups. I took a photo of the Room 8 Roommates and then a one of the Black Team.


The Black Team
Room 8 Roomates
The Room 8 Roommates

The Black team went to a semi-hidden room and played Ghost in the Graveyard. (One person is picked to be the ghost while everyone else lays on the ground. The ghost goes around and tries to make you laugh. If you laugh you become a ghost. Ghosts can not touch the other people.) I smiled a lot in the first round but by round two I had it down. By the end, there was a large group of ghosts trying to make me laugh. How did I resist?

  1. I thought of things that made me sad.
  2. I was determined not to become a ghost because I do not consider myself to be funny.
  3. I thought of why what they did was not funny, even if the reasons I came up with were not true.
  4. I thought of this game as a chance to practice my acting skills.

We went back to the ball courts for about 30 minutes and I passed the time playing Gaga Ball. Before I knew it I was in line for dinner. After we ate we returned to our cabins, gathered our stuff for Chapel, took the nature trail to Chapel, attended Chapel, came back, did after-Chapel devotions, went to the Canteen, returned to our cabins, and went to bed. I fell asleep around 2:30 AM.


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