Look Up Lodge

Look Up Lodge – Day 2

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Despite how late we stayed up the night before, Room 8 was up long before breakfast. After hearing that it would be awhile until it was our turn to eat, the Room 8 roommates went down to the lake where we took a couple “#wherestheleave” photos.

Where's the Leaf?

We ended up having time to spare, so the Room 8 roommates decided to walk half of the nature trail that encircles the lake. We stopped at the swing (which was closed at the time) and I began to organize everyone for a photo. Just when they were near perfection, the breakfast bell rang so the photo below isn’t as OCD friendly as it could be.

A Circle of Friends

While in line for breakfast, I gave my camera to Mia and she took a couple pictures of Haydn and me.

T+H in Line for Breakfast

Toward the end of free time, the Room 8 roommates hung out in our cabin.

Trying to take a Picture

When Mom told us that it was about dinner time, I began to brush and braid my hair. When I finished one braid I paused and stepped away from the mirror to add something to a conversation. Ansley asked if I was going to dinner with my hair half braided and I acted like I was. When I stopped and began to explain that I was not, Mom cut me off and said that I should. It only took a few seconds for all the Room 8 roommates to decide that we should all wear our hair half and half. For the next few minutes, all I heard were girls chanting requests for me to braid their hair. We finished just in time and had a lot of fun acting like we were completely normal. I was rather surprised that not many people looked at us weird.

Half and Half Tristen Half and Half Ally

Half and Half Rachel Half and Half Sophie and Ally


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