Look Up Lodge

Look Up Lodge – Day 2

Despite how late we stayed up, Room 8 was up before breakfast. After hearing that it would be awhile until it was our turn to have breakfast, the Room 8 Roommates went down to the lake where I took two Where’s the Leave photos.

Where's the Leaf?

Where's the Leaf?

With time to spare we decided to walk half of the nature trail. We stopped at the swing, which was closed at the time, and I began to organize everyone for a photo. Right when they were about perfect the breakfast bell rang, so the photo below isn’t as organized as it could have been.

A Circle of Friends

In line for breakfast, I gave Mia my camera and she took two pictures of Haydn and I. FYI, I do not actually lick Haydn, that second photo is a crazy one.

T+H in Line for Breakfast

Crazy Photo

I did not take any photos during the afternoon, just a bunch of videos that WordPress will not let me post. I did take a couple photos of us hanging out in our cabin, during the end of free time.

Trying to take a Picture

Mia and Rachel

Rachel and Ally


When Mom told us that it was about dinner time I began to brush and braid my hair. When I finished one braid I paused and stepped away from the mirror to add something to a conversation. Then Ansley asked if I was going to dinner with my hair half braided. I began to act like I was but soon stopped and began to say that I was not, but Mom cut me off and said that I could. It only took a few seconds for all the Room 8 Roommates to decide that we would all wear our hair half and half. Basically all I heard, for the next few minutes, were girls chanting requests for me to braid their hair. We finished just in time and had a lot of fun acting like we were completely normal. I was rather surprised that not that many people looked at us really weird, let alone ask us if we knew our hair was half and half.

Half and Half Tristen Half and Half Ally Half and Half Rachel Half and Half Sophie and Ally

That was pretty much the end of day two. Stay tuned for my next post!


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