I got Braces!



I got Braces! This is not my first having braces. I had them when I was ten for about a year, this time I will have them for about two years. I am not too happy about that.

I do not remember why I had them when I was ten, but this time I know it all, sorta. I have a slight overbite, my teeth are extremely crowded, and, according to my Orthodontist, by the way I talk it sounds like there is not enough room for my tongue. So I am going to get my wisdom teeth pulled, once they grow in and I have an expander to make room for my tongue and help with the crowds on my upper jaw.

This picture was taken like the day after I got braces so you can’t see the space that my expander made a couple days ago. I do not really like it because every time I suck on something my lip gets stuck between my two front teeth, and it hurts to pull it out. Mom said that it won’t be there forever. 🙂


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