Fellowship Greenville

Small-Group Bonfire


Breaking from our weekly tradition of going to the Suber’s house, my family’s small-group had a bonfire at the Hawkin’s home. We had a great time roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. After we each had our fill of smores, the kids began a game of Man Hunt. It was during this past time that the highlight of the evening occurred.

After waiting patiently in some bushes, I had finally caught Reagan, the fastest and least captured participant. I victoriously marched him back to our “prison” (a dog pen) and we began to make plans on how to capture the only player left: Sydney.

In Man Hunt, those who are not in prison can tag those who are captured in order to free them. It was knowledge of this rule which caused me to urge Haydn to guard the back wall of the prison. As I attempted to appeal to my brother, I happened to notice Sydney taking advantage of the pen’s lack of protection.

As the prisoners flew from their cage with their guards in hot pursuit of them, I sighed in despair at the thought that I would have to, once again, attend to the weary task of catching Reagan. I looked back at the prison and was surprised to find that Sydney was not running off with everyone else. She slumped over the fence and gasped, “I’m tired. Just tag me.” I walked across the now empty prison and touched her.

Not wanting to walk around, Sydney began to climb over the fence. Thanks to my assistance she made it over, just not off. Somehow, in one movement, one of Sydney’s bootstraps became intricately woven into a broken part of the fence. When various jerks and yanks did not release her, I lowered Sydney to the ground.


Due to the immense darkness, my efforts to free my friend were useless. Reagan tried, then Haydn, then Skyline, but it was no use. Sydney was stuck and she was stuck good. Reagan told me to go get a camera so I ran and fetched my mom’s phone. After a few more minutes of fiddeling, Sydney told us to go get her dad.


Mr. Amos came running over, but when he reached his daughter the first words out of his mouth were, “Sydney? Is your boot okay?” We all laughed at this. Thankfully he was able to pull Sydney’s foot out of her shoe and then free the boot from the fence’s determined grip. Though her boot was damaged, Sydney is still in-tack. At least now the Hawkins have more reason to fix their fence. 😂


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