BAATH’s First Hang-Out

First, let me explain. On last day of the first semester, some girls at UHC (the Upstate Homeschool Co-op) and I created a book club. Not one that gets together to read books, one that gets together to write books. Our little club included Julia, Sudie, Abbie, and me. A few days later we were busy working on our first book project: The Mysterious Figure. In the middle of writing our book, and struggling to come up with a title for our group (besides The UHC Book Club), my mom helped us settle a date when we could get together.

December 19 our little group, plus one new member (Heidi), minus Sudie (who was busy that day) went to a local roller skating rink where we hung out for about two hours. Afterward, we went to QT where my Dad bought us each a slushy, and then we headed over to my house. We spent a couple of hours talking about our book along with adding some more to it.


Over a dinner of Pizza, we discussed our title. We came up with a few names and recently agreed with BAATH. Our title isĀ made up of the first letters of our last names: Baucom, Arnold, Alix, Thomas, and Haase. I can’t wait for the next time we get to hang out together!


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