My LPS Drawings


As you know from my New Year 2015 post, I have finally found something I can draw, or I have become better at drawing. On our annual goal to stay up all night, Ansa and I needed something to do so I went on YouTube and looked up tutorials on how to draw one of Ansa’s favorite characters from the TV show Littlest Pet Shop: Penny Ling. About half way through Ansa lost interest but I wanted to finish. Overjoyed by how well it turned out, I decided to draw the rest of the girl main character pets: Pepper, Minka, and Zoey. Below are some pictures of the final products. (Please note that I have not finished filling in Zoe’s backround yet.) (Special thanks to Julia for buying me the sketchbook for my birthday.)

Penny Ling

Penny Ling


Pepper Clark



Minka Mark


Zoey Trent



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  1. Two spelling errors: interest and character

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