Logos Theater

The Lions of Trondheim

Tristen Thomas/Me as AstridDuring this year’s drama camp my fellow students and I performed The Lions of Trondheim, which is set in Norway, 1943. There were literally four guys from co-op that auditioned this year and about 20 girls, everyone else in the play came from the Academy of Arts. This year I was cast as Astrid and had four lines.

When drama camp ended for Hero I was not very sad because I knew that I would be coming back this year. This time around I will not be coming back since I will be attending GMC (Greer Middle College Charter High School) next year and their schedule goes right through the week of drama camp. This saddens me because I love being at The Logos Theatre and hanging out with all the wonderful people that I meet during the week-long drama camp. Oh well, if it’s God’s will that I return, I will, if not, I will not. I just wish I knew if I was coming back.

At the beginning of the week, I decided not to be behind the camera all week, snapping pics, but to enjoy the moments as they came. Although, for the sake of this blog, I did take pics of some of the cast members in between our two performances and afterward.

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If you would like to purchase a copy of The Lions of Trondheim, click here.

If you would like to find out more about The Academy of Arts Ministries, click here.


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