Logos Theater

The Basket of Flowers

As sixth grade came to an end, my mom and I began searching for a co-op for me to attend for the rest of my educational career (which, up to that point, had been accomplished solely at home). We looked into several options, but it was the Upstate Home-School Co-op (or UHC) that won me over. The day we attended UHC’s open house just so happened to be the time that flyers advertising that year’s drama camp with the Logos Theater were being passed out. Having written and performed several plays of my own, but never participated in a professional play, the flyer greatly piqued my interest. To my immense delight, my parents approved of the prospect.


I was 11 at the time and quite nervous while also very excited. I was cast as a walk-on, which is a silent part, and literally, all I did was walk on and off stage. Despite how boring it sounds, I loved this role. As a walk-on, I was able to participate in the performance but not have to worry about memorizing lines. As I told my friends many times afterward, “I had so much fun I forgot I even had a role!”

I appeared on stage three times: the trial scene, when I gave the father and Mary each a bowl of soup in exchange for the work they were doing in my garden, and curtain call. Though the production was utterly exhausting, I relished every minute of it. By the end of the week, the strangers I met on day one had become family and I left the last performance devotedly praying that I would see them all again. Thank You, Lord, for such an amazing experience!

IMG_2360 IMG_2364


If you would like to purchase a copy of The Basket of Flowers, click here.

If you would like to find out more about the Academy of Arts Ministries, click here.


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