Out West 2015


After driving all day Saturday, we finally arrived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma around midnight. My mom’s sister, Christina, has lived in Oklahoma, with her husband John, for the past 15 years and yet we have never found the time to go visit. When planning this trip, Oklahoma City was one of the first places circled on our map.

Despite how late we arrived, John-John, one of my four year old cousins, was awake and greeted everyone with an enthusiastic smile. His twin, Joel, on the other hand, was sound asleep. We unpacked, took showers, set out our clothes for the morning, and went to bed.

We left at 9:15 AM the next morning for a service that would be held at Harvest Hills Baptist Church. John and Joel were quite eager to get us each one of the donuts their church provided. After finishing our tasty treats, we were directed to our specific classrooms for Sunday school. Once we were dismissed everyone met up in the auditorium to socialize before that morning’s message.

IMG_3691After church, we ran a few errands, came home, had lunch, and then continued playing with John and Joel. One of the most popular games we played that day, and throughout the rest of the week, was Hide-and-Seek.

IMG_3727Monday was spent out and about enjoying the lovely Oklahoma countryside. We went to Mount Scott. After enjoying the view, Haydn, Ansa, John, and Joel followed Dad and Uncle John as we began to climb down the top section of the mountain, to the highest piece of road that circled around the mountain. After returning from the risky hike, we walked across the parking lot to check out the other side of the mountain. After hiking down a bit, the wind picked up and we could spot lightening strikes nearby. Mom and Aunt Chris, who was watching us from the parking lot, began calling us back. As we scurried back to the vans, Uncle John pointed to a particularly low part of the clouds and informed us that a tornado could form there. With this information in my mind, we quickly retreated to the vans and fled the premises.

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On our way to the visitor center, a lightning bolt struck the earth so near us that we could see smoke and sparks rising from the ground after it hit. At the visitor center, we ate lunch while waiting out the storm. When the rain finally stopped, we returned to the vans to go to the Chacons Garden Wilderness Area. On the way, we spotted a Buffalo and some Prairie Dogs.

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At the Chacons Garden Wilderness Area, we enjoyed the unique scenery while hiking to one of the waterfalls.

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On our way home, we spotted more Buffalo, Prairie Dogs, and Long Horns. Even when the unique scenery was behind us, we continued to have fun.

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When we returned to the house, Uncle John cut up the Watermelon for us.


We spent the day, Tuesday, site seeing downtown. We visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, rode on the Water Taxi, and went to the Bass Pro Shop.

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Wednesday was our last full day in Oklahoma. We chilled for most of the day and I went to the last night of a teen thing that Harvest Hills has been holding on Wednesday nights. When Uncle John, Aunt Chris, and I returned we ate ice-cream from Braum’s and I let John and Joel each pick out a bracelet from the many that I made before this trip for friends, family, and hosts.



2 thoughts on “Oklahoma

    1. That’s so cool! I wish we could see each other, since we’re both out west, but I doubt that will happen since we leave New Mexico for the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Have fun!

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