Out West 2015

Scottsdale, Arizona

We arrived at the Miller’s (friends of Dad’s friends) house Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Miller had prepared us welcome gifts, which each member of my family opened to find a Scottsdale T-shirt. After thanking her, we each set ourselves to some task or another. While Mom and Dad chatted with the adults, Haydn and Ansa swam and I settled in. After a delicious dinner of pizza, the Millers had shipped in from Chicago, I joined my siblings in the hot-tub.

Day two in Scottsdale was spent relaxing at the Miller’s house. Due to Mr. Miller’s excellent Wi-Fi, I was able to blog about the Grand Canyon. For dinner, Mr. Miller took us to In-N-Out burger. The meal was delicous.


Friday we (my family and me) explored the Scottsdale area. We checked out the very nice downtown and peeked inside the Apple store there.


We ran a few errands elsewhere, and then began to think about where we were to meet the Millers, and a few of their friends, for dinner. After following Siri to a place we were sure was not where we were to eat, Dad called Mr. Justin (one of the guys we were to eat with). “I can get you there from the Apple store.” Mr. Justin said.

“We were there about a half hour ago. We drove about 30 minutes away.” Dad explained.

“You drove 30 minutes away from the Apple store.” Mr. Justin repeated. “Well, where we are is about 30 seconds from the Apple store.” Everyone in the van fell silent and then began to laugh.

We gave Siri a second chance and she ended up leading us to the right spot. Dinner was delicious. I made two new friends, Mr. Justin’s two oldest daughters: Emma and Ashlin.


Half of Saturday we spent in the Miller’s pool. Around 5:30 PM (Mountain Time), Mom and I left to meet Emma and Ashlin at the Fashion Square Mall. We spent the evening looking through stores and purchasing an item here and there. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the chance to get to know my knew friends better.


When Mom and I returned to the house, Haydn and Ansa gave me my share of the candy Mr. Miller had given them while Mom and I were out. Among the many sweets were wax lips. This was the first thing I opened.


Sunday Dad spoke on the Fear of Man at the Miler’s church. Afterwards we went to a Chicago inspired restaurant where we ate with Mr. Justin, and his family, along with a few other friends and new friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller took us home with them, since Mom and Dad wanted to talk a little longer. Half way there we remembered that our swim-suits were in our van. We played Twister, when we returned to the house, and after waiting for a while with no sign of Mom and Dad we jumped into the pool, with our clothes on. It was a fun, new experience and we enjoyed it very much.

(pictures coming soon)

After a dinner we ended our last night together by watching Maleficent. Las Vegas here we come!

P.s. Sorry for the late post. I’ve been having a few technical difficulties. Thank you for your patience.

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2 thoughts on “Scottsdale, Arizona

  1. Sounds like you are all having a good time on your trip. I’m so glad your family has been able to have this wonderful experience of traveling.

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