Out West 2015

Yellow Stone National Park

We left our parking spot, at the Bellagio, at 4:23 PM (Mountain Time). We spent the rest of our day driving to our next hotel. The next day we stopped at Bryce Canyon on our way to another hotel in Layton, Utah.

IMG_5982 IMG_5995 IMG_5998 IMG_6010 IMG_6024 IMG_6027 IMG_6029 IMG_6058 IMG_6070 IMG_6077 IMG_6081 IMG_6087 IMG_6094 IMG_6100

On June 12th we explored the area around the Morman temple on our way out of Utah. Our last stop, in Utah, was the Great Salt Lake. Before getting in, we were told that at no point in the lake does it get deeper then 13 feet. My siblings and I were also amazed that no matter how hard we tried we could not sink. We also found it a bit hard to get used to the fact that if you stopped all form of movement you would just float instead of roll over or sink like you would in a normal pool. On our way to the showers we dried a good bit and were able to see all the salt that had dried on our skin.

IMG_6156 IMG_6241IMG_6178 IMG_6181

We arrived in Bozeman, Montanna just as the sun began to set (that is to say, around 10:30 PM, the sun sets really late in Bozeman). We introduced ourselves to our hosts, the Moore family, and then they showed us around their property.

IMG_6223 IMG_6226 IMG_6229 IMG_6234

The next day was a rest day in which we did a photo shoot of the camper my siblings and I stayed in all week. We did have the option to stay in the guest room with mom and dad but, my siblings and I had never slept in a camper before and purely enjoyed this new experience. Later that day we began a game of Monopoly – National Parks Edition.

IMG_6242 IMG_6244 IMG_6245 IMG_6254 IMG_6257 IMG_6266

Sunday we attended Grace Bible Church with the Moore family. We spent the afternoon running errands and enjoying the strange cloud forming above the mountains in the Moore’s backyard.


Monday was day one of exploring Yellowstone National Park.

IMG_6279 IMG_6302 IMG_6311 IMG_6336 IMG_6350 IMG_6403 IMG_6415 IMG_6419 IMG_6424 IMG_6436 IMG_6446

Tuesday we chilled at the house and that evening Elyse taught us how to star tip.


Wednesday we explored another area of Yellowstone.

IMG_6478_2 IMG_6487_2 IMG_6489_2 IMG_6491_2 IMG_6504_2 IMG_6509_2 IMG_6521_2 IMG_6528_2 IMG_6534_2 IMG_6539_2 IMG_6543_2 IMG_6549_2 IMG_6555_2 IMG_6562_2 IMG_6564_2

We spent two more days at the Moore’s house due to Dad’s seminar. We had a lot of fun there. Next stop: Powell, Wyoming.

Day One:

IMG_6574 IMG_6579_2 IMG_6578_2 IMG_6596 IMG_6585_2 IMG_6598_2

Day Two:

IMG_6750 IMG_6755_2 IMG_6764_2

Again, if you would like to hear about our latest adventures before I blog about them, follow me on Instagram at tristensthomas. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Yellow Stone National Park

  1. Tristen: Happy 3rd of July. The blog is great and thank you for including us. Tell Ansa I got her birthday card and thank her for me. Miss you guys but happy you are having a wonderful time. Dinner and a slide show when you get back. Love you all much and praying for you In Christ, Gram

  2. Beautiful scenery!! This is quite an adventure you all are going on!! Not many kids get this opportunity – I still remember going to these places with my parents and I was in 5th grade!😊

    Dad took us on some awesome vacations – every other year! He wound save for two years to get ready for the next trip! We didn’t realize at the time what a sacrifice he was making in $ and planning and time plus all the driving – he worked several jobs so we could do that kind of stuff!

    We have wonderful memories of these trips but your blog is an amazing way to document all the memories you are having – very special! πŸ‘

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