Out West 2015

Powell, Wyoming

On our way to Powell, Wyoming we drove through Bear Tooth Pass. At an elevation of 11,000 feet the mountain top was speckled with patches of snow. This was the first time we had seen snow in June. It was quite strange, your body expecting the heat of summer but instead returning to the van asking for the heater to be turned on.

IMG_6765_2 IMG_6767_2 IMG_6775_2 IMG_6777_2 IMG_6783_2 IMG_6786 IMG_6797 IMG_6800_2 IMG_6803_2 IMG_6813_2

We arrived at the Marquis’s as the sun set Saturday night.

IMG_6838_2 IMG_6839_2 IMG_6840

Sunday morning we attended their church, Trinity Bible Church, where Dad taught their Sunday school class.


For lunch we joined the Feather family for their Father’s Day lunch. After eating and a bit of chatting, the teenage girls (including me) and some of the younger boys went on a walk around the Barley field next door.


Monday my family and I spent most of the day chilling at the house although we did hike down to the river. Haydn, Ansa, and I got in the river and hiked around the bend over slippery rocks and a semi strong current while mom and dad took the trail. When we met back up we shared our adventures and then my siblings and I body surfed back around the bend. I will say that it was not what you would call a comfortable ride.

Tuesday we also spent at the house when our plans to go horse back riding did not work out. We finished listening to book five of our favorite series, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, and dad spoke at his last session of a two day seminar.

We will spend the next four days on our way to Fresno, California. I can’t wait to see what adventures our in store for us!

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4 thoughts on “Powell, Wyoming

  1. Tristan-What a great job you’ve been doing with your blog! What memories you all are making! Thanks for allowing us to share in your journey and we look forward to your next blog entry.

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