Out West 2015

Fort Worth, Texas

My family’s original plan was to go to Mexico on our way to Texas, however, due to multiple warnings from multiple people, we changed our plan and headed for Arizona instead.

We drove all day, July 13th, and arrived at the Miller’s home on the fourteenth. It was hard to believe it had been an entire month since we were last there. We stayed the night and then left early in the afternoon the next day.

July 16th we left a hotel in New Mexico and arrived at another in Texas. The next day we drove three hours to the Drigger’s home in Fort Worth, Texas. We spent the rest of our day chilling at their house.

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We hung out at their house most of the next day as well although, we did tour the AT&T Stadium.

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After the church service Sunday morning we went to Joe T. Garcia’s Outdoor Mexican Restaurant. It has to be the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been to.

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After lunch, we parted from the Driggers and spent the rest of our afternoon touring the Fort Worth Stockyards.

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2 thoughts on “Fort Worth, Texas

    1. Yes, I am working on it. We have had a lot of wi-fi and media plroblems over the last couple of months so I have been unable to post. So sorry. I promise new posts will be coming soon! Thanks for your patience.

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