Out West (2015)

San Diego, California

July 7th was a rest day as we settled into the house we would be staying in that week. We spent the next day in Lego-Land California. I love all the figurines they have around the park.

IMG_7354 IMG_7356 IMG_7358 IMG_7360 IMG_7361 IMG_7362 IMG_7365 IMG_7369 IMG_7372 IMG_7374 IMG_7376 IMG_7380 IMG_7382 IMG_7389 IMG_7394 IMG_7395 IMG_7396 IMG_7405 IMG_7408 IMG_7409 IMG_7410 IMG_7411 IMG_7412 IMG_7413 IMG_7416 IMG_7417 IMG_7419 IMG_7420 IMG_7421 IMG_7422 IMG_7423 IMG_7424 IMG_7425 IMG_7426 IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7431 IMG_7432 IMG_7445 IMG_7447 IMG_7449 IMG_7551 IMG_7453 IMG_7454 IMG_7455 IMG_7457 IMG_7458 IMG_7462 IMG_7463 IMG_7464 IMG_7467 IMG_7468 IMG_7471 IMG_7472 IMG_7473 IMG_7474 IMG_7475 IMG_7477 IMG_7478 IMG_7480 IMG_7481 IMG_7483 IMG_7488 IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7491 IMG_7493 IMG_7495 IMG_7498 IMG_7499 IMG_7500 IMG_7501 IMG_7502 IMG_7503 IMG_7505 IMG_7513 IMG_7525 IMG_7526 IMG_7531 IMG_7532 IMG_7533 IMG_7534 IMG_7553 IMG_7554 IMG_7555 IMG_7556 IMG_7557 IMG_7564 IMG_7565 IMG_7575 IMG_7577 IMG_7578 IMG_7581 IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7585 IMG_7586 IMG_7587 IMG_7589 IMG_7592 IMG_7595 IMG_7596 IMG_7597 IMG_7600 IMG_7605 IMG_7608 IMG_7612 IMG_7613 IMG_7615

The ninth was also a rest day. It was on this day that I realized that this was our last stop before we turned east. It was hard to belive that our trip was almost over.

July 10th we were in the San Diego Zoo. It was cool although, I didn’t have as much fun as I did in Lego-Land. My siblings and I really enjoyed the Skyfari. It is basically a ski lift that takes you from one side of the zoo to another. It is that fastest way to cross the zoo.

IMG_7707 IMG_7708 IMG_7711 IMG_7741 IMG_7745 IMG_7748 IMG_7750 IMG_7754 IMG_7755 IMG_7757 IMG_7760 IMG_7761 IMG_7765 IMG_7770 IMG_7775 IMG_7779 IMG_7783 IMG_7787 IMG_7789 IMG_7795 IMG_7807 IMG_7811IMG_7822 IMG_7830 IMG_7837 IMG_7846 IMG_7847 IMG_7850 IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855 IMG_7857 IMG_7861 IMG_7864 IMG_7866 IMG_7870 IMG_7877 IMG_7878 IMG_7880 IMG_7885 IMG_7886 IMG_7892 IMG_7894

We spent the next two days resting before packing up and turning east.

The Bird Mom made our Hosts

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