Panera Pick Up (9/11/15)

IMG_9734On September 11 we picked up the most bread Panera has ever had left over since we returned home from our summer vacation. Usually, the sweets don’t take up this much counter space.

Explanation:¬†pretty much every Friday night of our lives we have been at the Panera Bread, in the Shops at Greenridge, to pick up bread. One of Panera’s rules is that they have to have everything on the menu at any given point in the day. Therefore they over cook which usual means they end up dumping carloads of bread in the trash unless someone picks it up. My dad runs a non-profit biz (RickThomas.Net) therefore we can take the bread off of Panera’s hands and distribute it to whoever (friends, neighbors, the unemployed, etc.). I am very thankful that God has provided my family and I this chance to bless others, even if it means I no longer crave anything on Panera’s menu.


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