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Perks of Being Home

One thing I have enjoyed about being back home is that I can once again craft at my own free will. Having to suppress my urge to create, due to the lack of supplies, was one of the few downsides to our two month trip out west. Below are pictures and brief descriptions of items I have created or decorated since returning home.

IMG_9266 I have several bins on my three book shelves for storing my profuse craft supplies, however, it was becoming annoying to have to dig through them when in search of small items like close pins, buttons, or buttons. Determined to create easier access to such items, I journeyed down to our basement from which I retrieved several Mason Jars (leftover from when my mom went through a canning phase). After much washing and drying, I pulled out my washi tape and wrapped each jar. Doing so increased the visual appeal to said jars while still maintaining their uniformity. Finally, I sorted my cutting utensils, measuring tapes, and other miscellaneous supplied into their own individual jar. These cute jars are going to save so much time!


A while ago my younger friends and I created a past-time we call “nature royalty“. This game inspired me to create the piece of art depicted to the left. Using my Cuttle-Bug, I cut several branches of leaves out of paper before interlacing and pasting them. I then attached several gems (pink for spring, green and yellow for summer, red and orange for fall, and silver and blue for winter) and snowflakes to the appropriate places. Lastly, I stuck on letters forming the words “Queen Sunflower”, below which I wrote “queen of all seasons”. I love how pretty this creation turned out to be.

IMG_9454This fall I began my freshman year of high school at GMC and so, prior to the first day of school, I decorated the only two composition notebooks I am required to have. The one on the left is for Freshman Success (a class dedicated to helping you transition from middle school to high school) and the one on the right is for Physical Education (or PE). I covered my Freshman Success notebook with scrapbook paper before laminating it with duck tape, which I folded over the edges of the cover in order to preserve the corners. For my PE notebook, I picked out several rolls of washi tape which I put in an order before attaching them to the cover.



One of our first assignments in English I was to create an “identity page” we were to present to the class in order to get to know each other better than we did before. This project was assigned a week in advance but my crafty heart was so excited to about this chance to create that I completed the assignment that day. 😅 In addition to our name, we were required to have pictures (at least one of which we had to be in) so I chose one of my family, my siblings, and a cute one of me and my mom. In order to fulfill the “about me” purpose of the assignment, I wrote facts about myself in the circles which were on the paper: I love to sing, craft, write, draw, and act; I am a perfectionist; I talk a lot; I love my family; I have a blog; I love peacocks; I am 13 years old; I keep a journal. Lastly, we were required to have a quote:

“It is better to be hated for who you are rather than loved for who you are not.” -Marilynn Monroe



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