Heidi Hang-Out (11/7/15)


It has been about four months since I have seen my BFF, since we no longer go to the same church. I had a great time hanging out, catching up, almost drowning her dog, you know, the usual (JK).

We had gone on a walk along a path that runs beside a river in her neighborhood. We were getting off a bolder we had taken a picture on and Heidi handed me Oscar’s (her dog’s) leash. Oscar jumped off the rock and then yanked the leash out of my hand as he ran to the river’s edge. Heidi and I breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped but then began to panic when he jumped in.

Because of earlier discussion I knew that Oscar, according to Heidi, can’t swim. I also knew that Heidi really didn’t want to get wet due to my suggestion of crossing the river. Due to this knowledge, I tore off my shoes thinking I was going to have to jump into the river to grab Oscar’s leash. I was kinda hoping I would grab it and then get pulled in (because that would make a really funny story/memory) but, to my disappointment, that is not what happened.

Heidi and I raced along the narrow bank as Heidi called out to Oscar who was doing his best to swim upstream. Thankfully he managed to steer himself to the bank and Heidi was able to grab his leash. I can’t wait for our next get together!



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