Pre-Christmas Trip

We did a couple small things the week before leaving for our Christmas trip. Friday we were at Panera, as usual, to pick up bread. Ansa and I created our own little dance (which I can not share here for some reason). Saturday we burned last year’s Christmas tree since we will not be here on July 4th to burn it then. Sunday Ansa sang a few Christmas carols for the church along with her classmates. Afterward, we went to our Grandparent’s house for lunch where we made our gingerbread house. Monday and Tuesday were stressful for me as I struggled to complete a Christmas present for my friends. Once home from school, I rushed to finish homework and then spent every spare second after that crafting, barely pausing for dinner, and staying up late. Thankfully I was able to finish by Wednesday when my mom and I dropped off the now wrapped present: my own re-creation of Marvel’s Avengers. Johnson home, here we come!

IMG_0838 IMG_0847 IMG_0855


2 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Trip

  1. Looks great Tristen!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful CHRISTMAS with family and friends!

    I am still out of town in Maryland with the grands – will be back this week!

    Our kids went to Phoenix to the National Championship football game…. And I watched the kids while they were gone!

    Hope to see you all soon!

    Jane Hawkins

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