Blackert Home


On December 26 we arrived at the Blackert’s home in Dearing, Kansas. Mrs. Barbi, or Aunt Barbi as we call her, has been my mom’s best friend since High School, so visits with her and her family are real treats since they now live so far away.

Over the summer the Thomas and Blackert kids performed our own little version of The Phantom of the Opera. We had a lot of fun performing it so, over Christmas break, we attempted Les Miserables. Sadly, this project never reached completion but we had a lot of fun and made many memories while filming what little we did.


It’s insane how much Heide looks like the actress who plays Cosette in the movie.

While in Kansas it snowed so our days were filled with a mix of filming and breaks spent in the snow.

IMG_1531 And then there's Haydn. LOL.

New Year’s Eve we did our best to stay up all night but weren’t able to keep our tradition as well as we have in the past. Heide fell asleep around 4:00 AM, Ansa around 4:30 AM, I around 6:00, and Haydn around 8:00. I had A LOT of fun with you guys and hope we can visit soon.

IMG_1607 IMG_1615

IMG_1625 IMG_1642


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