Redeeming Grace

The Future Home of Redeeming Grace Church

Recently the Lord provided a building for my church, Redeeming Grace Church. The fact that RGC now has a permanent place to call home is a very pleasant feeling. Friday some of the youth met at the building to conduct a deep clean and Sunday night we held our first official event at the building. I am so thankful for this building and can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for us in the future.

IMG_2325 IMG_2328

IMG_2341 IMG_2348

“Standing on this mountaintop, looking just how far we’ve come, knowing that for every step You were with us. Kneeling on this battle ground, seeing just how much You’ve done, knowing every victory was Your power in us. Scars and struggles on the way, but with joy our hearts can say, yes, our hearts can say: never once did we ever walk alone. Never once did You leave us on our own. You are faithful, God, You are faithful.” -Never Once (Matt Redman)



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