Redeeming Grace

Airsoft Parties

IMG_2745Haydn and I had been playing Airsoft with Noah and Abi for a couple months now. Most of the time we’d play in the forts in their backyard but once we managed to get them over to our place where we played in the woods behind our house. As that one time drew to a close, an idea was born. Originally it was Noah’s. He suggested that I invite a bunch of the youth, at least whoever was interested, over to our woods so we could play Airsoft. So, I began planning an “Airsoft party”. It was the day that I was handing out invitations that I was informed that Noah had already arranged an “Airsoft party” at the church property. “Oh well,” I said. “Looks like were having two now!” And that’s what happened.

No pictures ended up being taken during the first “party” at our house. Due to last minute plans, Noah and Abi were not able to come but, we had a pretty good turnout despite their absence. Including Haydn and me there were five kids, not counting Josh who occasionally dropped by to play. I think everyone had fun. After a couple of rounds, during which we mixed up the teams based on weapons, skill, or age, we all gathered under our deck where we enjoyed some snacks and shared funny stories.

To our disappointment, the same amount of people showed up at the church property that Saturday. Yes, there are more than five in the picture above but not all of them were old enough to play. Noah, Abi, Haydn, Hunter, and I ended up being the only ones who played along with Sarah and Joshua who took turns using the last available pistol, however, there were a few rounds that neither of them played. We made teams by several different points so, by the end of the day, you had been on the same team with each person at one point or another. It was exciting to play on the church property where we found many things laying about including animal bones. After battling the afternoon away, Mom arrived to pick up Haydn and I. With her she had a box of cookies which the kids enjoyed during the last few minutes that we were there.

Although our plans to not go as we expected, we did manage to have some fun. Memories were made so, at the end of the day, we had a good time. I hope we can do something like this again in the future and, who knows, maybe more people will show up! 😉


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