Goodwill Mud Run (2016)

IMG_5076On April 30th my family and I participated in the 2016 Goodwill Mud Run. Dad, Mom, Haydn, and I had done it before in 2013 and decided to do it again this year. Since Ansa was now old enough, in our eyes, to do it, and she herself felt ready, she too joined us.

The muddy course stretched just over three miles and led you through, under, or over 35 obstacles. These challenges ranged from swinging on a rope over a pool of mud to army crawling your way under low strung wire. During the year this course is used to train those seeking to join the military. Ansa did amazing and remained her joyful, full energy self the entire time.

Sadly, due to a thunderstorm, we were not able to complete the last leg of the course. Though somewhat disapointed we were okay. Besides, since we were some of the last people there we got to take advantage of the food that was for sale but now up for grabs. Yum! I hope we can do it again next year and maybe even take a few friends along.


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