North East 2016

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

B01FD72C-2D3E-46EF-BF49-3FC445AA375DThe first of many stops on our two month trip North East was at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It was Memorial Day weekend when we were there so there was about no one around. This slightly disappointed Dad and he told us, as we walked around the Dean E. Smith Center, how the last time he and Mom were there the janitor saw them peeping through the glass doors and let them in. We laughed at this and took a picture of ourselves peeping through the glass doors however, no janitor showed up and let us in. At the Old Well we refilled our water bottles and took some pictures as we enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere around us.

To view more photos from this event, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks! To read my dad’s article about this stop, click here. Feel free to subscribe while you’re at it! Thanks!


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