North East 2016

Williamsburg, Virginia

IMG_5726We arrived in the colonial town of Williamsburg, Virginia June first and stayed there through June third. Walking through this “living civilization” was, for me at least, like walking on the movie set of American Girl Doll’s Felicity.

On the streets and in the shops were numerous men and women dressed as one character or another as they acted out the daily lives of their character. From the printer, to the silver smith, Patriot soldiers, the gun smith, indians, and shepherds you could explore the world of colonial Williamsburg through the stories shared. Along with that, you could tour the actual buildings that were used in the past. Homes, shops, and the Governor’s palace to name only a few. Some of these had to be rebuilt, but there was a good amount that only had cosmetic issues. As I experienced this, at times, I was tempted to duck into a back room and changed into a costume fitting the time period. However, it was hot, so I resisted. 😉

To top the day off, we were able to experience the Patriot soldiers playing there instruments as they marched down the street and into a field where they shot off their muskets and a cannon. Both, of course, were quite loud but very interesting to watch. What a cool experience!

Next stop, Washington D.C.

To view other photos from this event, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!

To read my dad’s post about this event, click here. Thanks!


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