North East 2016

The City of Brotherly Shove

38C45360-9539-44AA-9352-AD6E4B03AD61On June 15th we were in “the city of brotherly love” but, if we’re being honest, it’s more like “the city of brotherly shove” also known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although we did meet several very nice people, the majority of the population was not as nice as we expected. Our day was spent touring the historical side of town. One of our biggest stops was Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed but also where they filmed the exterior shots of National Treasure (a movie I highly recommend watching, very didactic). It was kinda of cool to look up at the building and going “that’s where they jumped the railing and crawled along the roof where they found the glasses in that brick column” instead of the educational answer “that’s where the Liberty Bell once rang”. Oh well. XD

B6B58177-48C5-466B-913C-2370EB0C173ELater we toured the museum about the Liberty Bell (which turns out is just an ordinary bell and is highly suggested to not have been the bell wrung July 4th so many years ago) where Dad and I re-created photos taken of us more than 13 years ago when I was one. I made a collage of them which we showed to the ranger who gave Ansa her, like, fourth Junior Ranger badge. He laughed and laughed. XD

Later we met a man dressed up like Benjamin Franklin, had a picture taken with a statue of Rocky, and lounged on the XOXO statue outside the Visitor’s Center.

During our second day in Philly, we went to the Reading Terminal Market, the Benjamin Franklin Museum, and ran up the Rocky Steps. I am unable to post the 46-second long video I took, but climbing those steps is not as hard as the movie portrays them to be. Dad, Haydn, and Ansa were able to reach the top on their first try. Dad did it twice in a row while Mom watched and I filmed.

All in all, I enjoyed our visit in Philly. Even if the people were not as we expected them to be and one could hardly breathe at times due to fumes filling the air, it was something else to walk where so many of our founding fathers once did. Maybe one day we will be able to return and add a third set of pictures to the collage above. That would be cool!

Next stop: Bethany Beach, Deleware.

If you would like to see more photos from this stop, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next photo. Thanks!


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