North East 2016

Bethany Beach, Deleware

IMG_7052After Philly, we went to Delaware where we spent a day at the beach. I am not exactly sure which beach we went to. The signs there read “Indian Beach” but our iPhones automatically located our photos to have been taken at Bethany Beach (obviously, I went with the iPhone’s suggestion since it has been right in the past and we could have very easily misread the signs). About six years ago my family and I went to St. Pete Beach, in Florida, for a week before our 2010 trip to Disney. At that beach, Haydn and I dug a really deep, narrow hole in which we placed our legs in and then filled with sand. We had packed our legs in so tight that Haydn and I could suspend ourselves above the ground with no effort at all due to our legs being stuck in the hole. We have been wanting to do that again for a while now and we seized the opportunity to do so in Delaware.

Haydn and I dug the hole and then he, Ansa, and I quickly scrambled to get our legs in before the next big wave crashed (the waves there were huge and very unforgiving XD). We filled in the hole and then began building a mountain on top just cause. My siblings and I spent a good chunk of time sitting there during which Dad decided to cut into the Watermelon. He was kind enough to walk over multiple times with chunks of the tasty fruit and feed us since we could not feed ourselves (due to our sandy hands). Multiple times a large wave would crash our party and leave us squealing due to the unexpected chill of the cold water. When we did eventually decide to get out Haydn thought he’d be the first one free. It was looking that way until Ansa and I got out before him. Haydn was so stuck I literally had to grab him from under his arms and wiggle him out. That was harder than it looked XD.

Our hole was now lightly filled in with sand which Haydn semi-dug out and then sat in on his knees. He was there for a while and the waves that surprised him were much bigger than the ones that had surprised us. The last event of the day was when Ansa and Dad found a dead crab along the beach. Ansa named him Mr. Cuddles and I filmed the funeral service while humming Saturn by Sleeping at Last (quite possibly the saddest song I know).

Next stop, New York City.

To see more photos from this event, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


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