North East 2016

New York City

We were in New York June 21st through the 23rd but, despite many of the absolutely amazing sights that we saw, I still do not like cities (too smelly, noisy, busy, etc.). We did and saw so many things in New York including the Statue of Liberty, rode the Statton Island Ferry, saw the Freedom Tower, rode the subways, visited the 9/11 memorial and museum, walked through Time Square, and went to the top of the Empire State Building where we re-created my parent’s engagement picture.

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My siblings and I are very picky about our food (each in our own way, but there are a few things we equally dislike) and pizza is no exception (usually just cheese and no green stuff). Well, one of our friends, Mr. Mercado, suggested that we go to Lombardi’s since we were looking for somewhere to try New York pizza we took his advice. My siblings and I opened our mouths to order just cheese but Dad told the waiter that we’d take a margarita. It looked different but we were hungry and took a bite. Five seconds later there was nothing left. That pizza was REALLY good. I am definitely getting another one if I find myself back in New York someday.


On our way out of New York, we spent an evening with Mr. and Mrs. Mercardo who treated us with homemade pizza that could very well one day become Lombardi’s. We also stopped to visit some really good friends of Dad’s and now our’s too. We attended their church Sunday morning and spent the afternoon with them until we had to leave for Dad’s speaking engagement in Queens that night.

9459D49D-6BC5-4927-A528-B43E37CBCDAB IMG_7719

Although I am not too fond of the setting, I hope to return to New York again one day to visit the wonderful people we visited there. Next stop, Connecticut.

Choosing pictures for this post was not an easy job. There are so many good pics but I can’t share them all here. If you would like to see numerous other beautiful shots taken from our stop in New York, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


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