North East 2016


27784265403_a7e51bc091_oThe streets of Massachusetts are very confusing. It took us several tries until we finally ended up in the Providence Mall parking lot, thanks to someone we all know and, for the most part, love (cough, cough, Siri, cough, cough). 😂 From the mall, we walked across the street to the capitol building. After examining its impressive structure, we took a stroll through town before heading back to the van.

We stopped at the Gillette Stadium (aka, the Patriot’s Stadium) and then, of course, visited the Bass Pro Shop across the parking lot. Haydn carried Ansa on his shoulders into the store and then lowered her to the ground when he needed a break. In one of the incredibly realistic displays of nature, we spotted several live turtles. That’s a first! Behind this particular Bass Pro Shop, there was a nature walk through one Ocean Spray’s active cranberry bogs. Although the cranberries were not blooming, so we were examining what looked like a grassy field, it was still cool to see where the delicious fruit comes from.


On July third, we toured Boston and Cambridge. We walked across Harvard Square, saw the place in which CuriousGeorge was born, and saw the outside of Dewy Cheetham & How, the former office of Click and Clack, hosts of the radio show “Car Talk”. From there we walked around Fenway Park while listening to Mom and Dad tell us not to forget this place since several people would ask about it (so far our count is 0 😂).

For July fourth we were blessed to experience the 2016 Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular from less than a mile away from “the shell” where the show was taking place. From the jumbo screen a crowd away from us, we enjoyed Nick Jonas, Little Big Town, and Demi Lovato’s amazing performances.


A month or so before this night, a new health drink known as Bai(pronounced “bye”) came out. It is said to be good for you and taste great too. By the time July fourth rolled around, we had seen commercials for it numerous times. As it turned out, there was a table giving away free Bai to the half a million people at the show as a form of advertisement. We got a few bottles that we enjoyed during the show and then stopped by afterward to see if they had any extras. They did, a case upon case of extras (in each case was package 12 bottles of Bai). We asked if we could take some and one of the ladies there said, “Sure! Take as much as you can carry.” Before she had even finished her sentence Haydn had already stacked three cases of the Tanzania Lemonade Tea in his arms.


Each of us took in our arms as much as we could carry for the good size walk back to Dad, who was watching our stuff. We told him that we’d bring him back a coconut flavored Bai if they had any left but they didn’t so,  as we returned to him, we scanned the ground, which was littered with loads of trash, for Bai bottles full of liquid and then checked those to see if they had been opened. Due to this, we found several coconut drinks along with various other flavors.

Let me just say it was no easy task to carry all that liquid from the park back to the car which was a distance of several miles away. By the time we finally came to a stop, I could no longer properly operate my arms because they were so numb. The next day everybody was sore from their arms to their feet.


My family ended up carrying over $150 worth of Bai out of the park. Six cases altogether, four cases of Tanzania Lemonade Tea and two cases of carbonated Bolivia Black Cherry, not counting the bottles we drank during the show or the ones we picked up on our way back to Dad. We thanked God for this underserved blessing and began strategizing how to ration the drinks so that we could share this blessing with our friends and family when we got home. This was definitely a struggle for the rest of our trip but we managed to save the majority.


On July sixth we spent the day on the Freedom Trail on which we saw several historical sites including but not limited to the Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, Paul Revere’s grave, King’s Chapel, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere’s home, and the church in which Paul Revere was told to hang one lantern if by land or two lanterns if by sea.

Next stop, Maine.

If you would like to see more photos from this stop, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


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