North East 2016


EDF203D8-3115-4132-B53C-FC24AF9E2440There is no place on this earth quite like Maine. We arrived in this beautiful state on July 7th and went straight to hitting the most visited lighthouses. Each was more beautiful than the last in its own special way. My top two favorites ended up being the Portland Head Light and the Nubble Light.

The weather was something we had to adjust to. Our entire trip, in general, had contained nothing but lovely weather but Maine was chilly. The locals told that the day before it had been in the 90s but our first day there felt icy. It seems my family tends to bring the pleasant or chilly weather with us on our travels. 😂


Our last stop in Maine was at Haven’s Candies, a quaint sweet shop that creates unique homemade and hand-dipped chocolate and candies. There we were able to see a contender for “Largest Chocolate Lobster Sculpture,” have memorable conversations with the owner and employees, and take home some sweet treats including taffy, a jawbreaker, and an S’more candy bar. Yum!

Next stop, New Hampshire!

If you would like to see more photos from this stop, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


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