North East 2016

New Hampshire

img_8605We arrived in New Hampshire the night of July 8 and so our first day to explore was July 9. New Hampshire is very bucolic, drastically different from places like New York, but we liked that. Just down the street from our hotel was a small theme park called Clark’s Trading Post. We were planning on leaving the next morning but, after meeting Wolf-Man and peeking around in the gift shop, decided to stay a little longer so that we good experience what Clark’s Trading Post had to offer.

Although this theme park is something three to five-year-olds would find much more entertaining, my family and I did have some fun. Among many other attractions, we enjoyed the Chinese acrobats, dancing bears, Seg-Ways, and Anaconda Escape (a water slide). Although July, it was somewhat chilly in New Hampshire so we had decided not to try the water slide until Haydn and Anz could resist no longer.PicMonkey Collage

My two younger siblings changed into their swimsuits and were racing down the serpent’s belly seconds later. Of course, they had a blast and began encouraging the rest of the family to try. Dad was the first to give in and then I did, too. Although Dad only rode once, I rode the rest of the time we were there eventually regretting my decision not to change into my swimsuit for my clothes were soaked through. All in all, we had a blast and hope to return one day with friends to share our joy with.

Next stop, Vermont!

To view more pictures from this stop, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


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