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Pool Time


On July 26, we went to the pool with the Rawlings family. We played several games including but not limited to Marco Polo, Blob Tag, and Statues.  There was one specific round of Marco Polo when Abi was dead set on getting me tagged. She followed me around like a shark before locking me in her arms. Haydn, Ansa, and I have always played with “no sacrificing” as a rule so several times during my struggle to free myself from Abi I exclaimed, “Surely there is a rule somewhere against this!” Abi and Noah, both very entertained by my struggle, were each faithful to give me a “no” in reply. When I realized talking Abi out of sacrificing me was getting me nowhere, which I realizedimg_9820 when the gap between me and Joshua was quickly shrinking, I kicked things up a few notches. I began to squirm, kick, and wiggle which, for the first couple of times, allowed me to successfully free myself and I managed to swim away before Abi was able to catch me again. The third or fourth time she ensnared me yet again, Haydn joined in. With Abi immobilizing my arms, and Haydn a hold of my legs, I gave up. I was already breathless and the energy it would have taken to shake off Haydn, who is stronger than me, in addition to Abi would have taken much more energy than I was already using. Still, when they approached Joshua I gave one last kick so that Haydn ended up being the closest to Joshua and so most likely to get tagged. Although it would have been cool if that had happened, Joshua had already tagged another swimmer and so the game continued.

On August third, Hunter broke our “how long a human tower can stay standing” record. This is not something we time, we just knew.

img_9826On August fourth the Heffernan family (my youngest Uncle, Aunt, and cousins on my mom’s side) were in town so we spent the day with them. I had a lot of fun with John and Joel. They are six now so the usual simple answers and exaggerated facial expressions one does when talking to little kids no longer convinces them. I’m sure their IQ has shot up since we last saw them. We spent the afternoon with them at the pool. John spent most of his time atop a human tower before plunging backward into the water. Joel was usually found in the corner testing the limits of his breath-holding abilities. I was very impressed by how brave John-John was and by how long Joel could stay under the surface.

To view more photos from this event, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


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