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Cross Current September 2016

On September 18, my church held it’s once a month youth meeting for Junior and Senior High: Cross Current. As always, I had a blast. Most of the memories were made during game time, which is not surprising.

The first activity was assigned to the men. They had to undo frozen t-shirts and put them on. The person to do this first won. This proved to be more tedious than one might expect because the t-shirts were frozen solid and the water given to help undo the articles of clothing was freezing cold. In the end, Mr. Ballard ended up winning.

The next game split our group into boys and girls who each had to form a human tower. The first group to finish won. This ended up being the boys because, in general, us girls were a little overwhelmed by the task and so the quality of our problem-solving skills drastically dropped.

The final game is one of my all-time favorites: the Three Legged Race. In case you don’t know, this game is just like any foot race except for the fact that it requires, instead of one runner per team, two runners who have their legs bound together. The trick to this game is how you and your partner run. I have found that in order to move quickly each person in a pair needs to wrap their arm around the other. The closer you are to one another, the more smoothly you will be able to function. If not, you and your partner will split and fall like a tree struck by lightening. I paired up with Hunter, a boy around the age of my younger brother, and our team ended up winning. Despite the fact that Hunter ran on my foot for the entire race and that it took multiple people to undo our tightly bound bond, I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to Cross Current next month.

To see more photos from this event, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


One thought on “Cross Current September 2016

  1. the tower that the boys did looks fun! man I wish we were still there! but its for the best! anyways it sounds like you had fun! keep posting!

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