Serenity, Nerf, and Newborn Kittens

Friday, September 16, 2016 

Thanks to our attempts to hang out with the Litke kids, our former neighbors, my siblings and I were able to go over to their house for a sleepover. Because the weather was pleasant, the girls and I slept on mattresses in the Litke’s unfinished apartment above their garage. Besides an occasional car passing by, all you could hear was the chirping of crickets and, in the sky, all you could see was a brilliant full moon. This environment was very serene.

The next day, while in the middle of a Nerf battle, Abby and Katie’s prayers were answered. The Litke’s cat, Kallie, gave birth to her kittens in coordination for us to see them. By the time we had to leave, her babies had been cleaned and dried so we were able to hold them. The sweet kitties were barely the size of my palm. It was something else to see little bundles of joy shortly after they entered this world.

To see more photos from this event, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


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